At Delmar Financial, a commitment to customer service has always been our first priority.  That is why we are excited to announce that beginning on April 1st, Delmar will be partnering with LoanCare Servicing. As a top national subservicer, LoanCare is focused on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

LoanCare will take over for all loans that are currently serviced by Ocwen, which means that you will need to set up new arrangements to make sure your payments go to the proper destination.

The last business day to make payments through Ocwen is March 30th.  After that, you will need your new loan number before you can make an online payment through LoanCare.  Your new loan number will be provided shortly via welcome letter from LoanCare which should arrive in the mail next week. To ensure that your payment is processed accurately, please wait until April 9th if you plan to make your April payment through LoanCare.

The simplest way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to make your April payment sometime before 3/30, and if you chose to do that, you can do so in the same fashion that you have been doing with Ocwen in the past.  That way your first payment through the new platform won’t be due until May.  If you prefer to make your April payment between 4/1 and 4/16, you can certainly do so, but given that it takes a period of time for your data to migrate from Ocwen to LoanCare, the system will be in the dark until 4/9, so waiting until that point to make your payment would be necessary if you chose to do so online.  Please also remember to cancel any automatic payments that you may have initiated with your bank if they are set to process in April.  Please also make sure to set up similar arrangements with LoanCare using your new information once you have received it.

If you have any questions about your current or prior payments up to April 9th, please call Ocwen at (800) 746-2936.  After April 9th, you may contact LoanCare at (855) 208-4910 for all future needs.  Of course, you are welcome to call Delmar directly at (314) 434-7000 should you encounter any problems whatsoever, or if you would like to obtain your new loan number prior to the arrival of the same information in the mail.

Thank you for trusting in us to be your mortgage lender.  We truly appreciate you.