“Your friendly yet professional way of doing business made the process and end result easily understandable.  I’ll let folks know about Delmar.  I’m proud to be one of your customers.”
– Asher Benrubi (Smash)

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us! Because of you we can finally get our first home.  We could never repay you for everything you’ve done for us.”
– Kris, Gerg, & Matthew Martin

“Your company not only met my expectations but exceeded my expectation for fast, reliable, and good service.”

“We were absolutely overwhelmed at the degree of professional, yet extremely personal attention that was given to our loan and us.  Thank you for making buying a home so simple”
-Kristy Jo Giebe

“I financed my second home with Delmar in 1994.  I had many opportunities to change financial companies but I decided to stay with Delmar because of the excellent service I received.”
-Clarence E. Thomas

“Our Re-Financing was done in record time (about a week) with hardly any effort on our part. Thanks for a great job!”
-Cheryl L. Miller

“We appreciate all the help & courteous professionalism your people have shown to us. They worked with us on our busy work schedule!  Thanks.”
-Virginia Grider

“I can’t ask for any better service. Everything was explained and if I asked for a repeat of explanation I was obliged each and every time.”
-Theresa Johnson

“Delmar Financial was instrumental in getting our loan processed and making our dreams come true. We are very pleased with Delmar Financial. They were very understanding and helpful all through the loan process. They really changed our lives.”
-Kevin and Kimberly Bradford

“Delmar helped me achieve my dream of owning my own house. With their help I was able to get my loan and put the keys to my house in my hands. A BIG THANKS to all the staff at Delmar!!!”
-Kirk L. Raymond

“Thanks everyone, you made my 1st home purchase a very smooth and easy transition, or should I say transaction.”
-Augustine McCleary

“It all went very smooth. It was as easy as buying a can of soup.”
-Monty Daniels

“Everyone I came in contact with was very pleasant and understanding. I’m very happy in my new home. Thanks for all your help.”
-Dorothy M. Fantini

“I thought Delmar Financial employees were very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend someone to them.”
-Jeremy Hudson

“I had a hard loan due to circumstances that happened before I tried to buy a home. Delmar told me what I needed to do to get approved, I corrected the problems, listened to my loan officer, and now I am a new home owner!”
-Jacqueline L. Barney

“Everybody treated us as somebody and we really felt special.”
-Adrian D. Goodrich

“I thought Delmar Financial employees were very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend someone to them.”
-Jeremy Hudson

“Buying a home is confusing and scary when you don’t know what you’re doing! The people at Delmar were wonderful! They were all professional and very knowledgeable! And they didn’t even complain about my thousands of phone calls! Thank you so much.”
-Debbie Jones

“Delmar makes peoples dreams come true. Delmar took a hopeless case and turned it into a profitable asset. Delmar worked a miracle.”
-Reba Jett

“Everyone I have been in contact with at Delmar has been outstanding, encouraging, helpful, and knowledgeable.
-Susan K. Smith

“Very pleased with Delmar’s commitment to service. Other companies said my student loans would create a problem with us getting a loan; Delmar was willing to help us when others said we’d have to wait.”
-Patrick I. Chavez

“I went to another finance company before Delmar Financial and it was a nightmare. They gave me negative responses to everything. Delmar Financial gave me positive responses and a positive outcome.”
-Kimberly Carpenter

“When we thought all was lost, we went to Delmar and got approved. Thanks Delmar.”
-Trena Branham

“Our loan was processed in a very professional way and was one of the best experiences I have ever had closing a loan.”
-Roy Kent Young

“It’s so nice to have money left over at the end of the month, also I now write only one check instead of nine. Thank you so much.”
-Donald H. Owens

“What was most calming was the rapport between my agent and my loan officer. I felt that they truly had my best interests in mind at all times.”
-Judith Jones

“A very professional group from start to finish.”
-Demetrious Lewis

“Delmar took a chance with us when it looked like no one else would. Thank you Delmar.”
-Betty Ashley

“Delmar took a chance with us when it looked like no one else would. Thank you Delmar.”
-Betty Ashley

“Thank you for the prompt, professional and excellent service you provided me throughout this loan refinancing process.  We have just closed with Stuart Imber and I am very happy with the rate and terms of the loan.His customer service was top notch and I will be happy to recommend him to friends and the future.”
– Paul Frank